Bantwal: Hinduism reveres women – others should review opinion on it ‘ – SL Bhyrappa

Mounesh Vishwakarma

Daijiworld Media Network – Bantwal (SP)

Bantwal, Nov 3: “Hinduism has given the status of god to women. But people belonging to other religions continue to nurse ulterior opinion about Hinduism. They need to question themselves about this attitude and re view their stand,” felt noted Kannada novelist, Saraswathi Samman awardee, Padma Shri Dr S L Bhyrappa.

He was addressing the students after going through academic and other activities being organized by Sri Rama Vidya Kendra, Kalladka near here on the evening of Friday November 2.

“Islam has not given liberty to women. In Christianity, there is a tendency to believe that women cause downfall of people to hell. We should feel proud for being Hindus as Hinduism has given the status of God and mother to women,” he said.

Till we became independent, ‘Vande Mataram’ was treated as our national anthem. Stories were circulated to make us believe that we won independence because of the non-violent movement preached and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, the British left India because of revolutions like the Sepoy Mutiny. The first Prime Minister of India followed the same technique which the British had employed in the past. This ploy continues to be employed during elections too. At present, the political power continues to be inherited by the same family,” he noted.

Bhyrappa insisted that true education should hone intelligence among the students besides giving rise to curiosity and thinking power. It also should strengthen ethical values and personalities of students. The concept of ethics cannot be cultivated without the concept of God, he opined. He expressed the view that the fear to keep one’s acts within the confines of ethics should always be present in our minds, and that texts and curriculum should be in such a way that they should give rise to morality. He expressed the view that ethics can be cultivated by schools like Sri Rama Vidya Kendra.

Chairman of Vivekananda Vidyavardhaka Sangha Puttur, Dr Prabhakar Bhat, who welcomed, said in his introductory address that the stature of Bhyrappa is such that he brings value to awards. “Bhyrappa is 88-year-young, and a noted patriot. He is the one who has honed and groomed people through his ideas and concepts. He has been literally following his ideal of breathing Kannada. I had since long nursed the hope that Bhyrappa would visit my school one day. My wish has been fulfilled today,” he said.

Bhyrappa said he had been gathering information about the activities of Sri Rama Vidya Kendra since the last several years, and also had learnt about the stoppage of midday meal scheme provided by a temple last year. “Then I could not understand why the chief minister did so, but after I personally saw the activities and refinement here, I have realized the purpose behind that act. It was a clash between two cultures, and I can understand that the government is opposed to the values advocated by these schools,” he noted.

On this occasion, Bhyrappa was felicitated on behalf of the Vidya Kendra. School convener, Vasantamadhava, joint convener, Ramesh, and president, Narayana Somayaji, were at the dais.

Lecturer, Krishna Prasad, presented the programme and proposed vote of thanks. Before this, Dr Bhyrappa visited different classes, views activities, and expressed his appreciation. Dr Prabhakar Bhat provided all information about the school.