Why we need to be proud to be Indians

pHe who loves not his country can love nothing said Byron/p pOur motherland nurtures us and grooms us into responsible citizens of br/the world.Every individual, must therefore love his motherland br/without any expectations and contribute to its wellbeing. Ask not br/what the country has done for you, ask what you have done for the br/country.Ones is identity is basically linked to ones land of birth, br/and India our land of birth is vast from the snowy peaks of the br/Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala.It offers us various blessings, br/!–more–/p pso that we can be truly proud of calling ourselves Indians./p pIndia is a developing country which has made rapid progress in all br/spheres of human activity since independence. Coupled with brilliant br/past rights since the days of Indus Valley civilization, India has br/made many achievements in the fields of art, architecture, culture br/and religion./p pOur Vedas and Upanishads, along with the timeless epics such as br/Ramayana and Mahabharata display how splendid the country was in the br/past./p pIn the fields of science and technology, India is contribution has br/been immense.It was India that taught the world how to count. br/Even in the field of medicine and education, our contribution stands br/apart. Ayurveda, the earliest form of medicine known to human br/civilization is India’s contribution to the world. About 2600 years br/ago, surgeons like Shushrutha undertook complicated surgeries like br/cataract, caesarian operations and fitting of artificial limbs./p pIndians were the first to navigate the choppy seas and the br/word navigation owes its origin to the Sanskrit word navgaitha./p pOur one billion plus population comprises of different cultural and br/racial groups but, we all share a common bond of Indian-ness and are br/a living symbol of unity in diversity./p pAn emerging super power economically and technologically, India will br/soon find itself a place of pride. All we need to come up is the will br/to accomplish this./p pAll of us thus, belong to such a country which along with its br/glorious past is marching confidently towards the future unveiling br/all its strength for all to see and admire. This reason is enough for br/us to be proud to be INDIANS/p